The Little Red Fox

Little red foxes have become a thing. A really persistent pay attention I will brush against your leg then stare at you calmly for a bit before prancing off because you laughed at my prize kind of thing. Then everywhere, and I mean everywhere, I look I see images of foxes.

Red urban foxes are the go. The kind you rarely see around Australian streets, but are definitely here and thriving.

Then there was this awesomely intense little bit of a vision:

We circle. Me with the fox mask/me the red fox. He with the big black wolf/he the big black wolf. I can’t tell if we’re wearing headdresses or we are the creatures whose fur we wear. There’s no aggression, but also no joy, it’s pure intense don’t look away and FOCUS.

It’s far more intense, though incredibly brief, than anything that has hit me in a long while… and I’m powerless to interpret it right now. My brain just can’t hold onto it amongst uni stress and this goddamned cold.


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