Tarot – Longest Night

My Wild Unknown deak isn’t reading well for me at the moment. I find that happens sometimes and trusted my gut when it said pick up the Shaman Deck (regardless of how much I HATE the name of it).

This is a reading I do from time to time designed to look at what’s happening over an extended period of time:

It’s the longest night, what comes with the dawning light?

2014-06-21 21.13.51

The cards in this deck are delicious and it reads beautifully.

The layout:

  1. Querant: The Shifter
  2. What we have now: Initiation
  3. Upper (outer) and lower (inner) worlds: The Illusion of the Moon and Ace of Bows.
  4. Obstacle: The World Tree
  5. Ally and help: 4 of Bones and Judgement
  6. The interplay of the situation: 5 of Bones, Evocation, Queen of Stones
  7. Healing – what will resolve the situation: 10 of Stones
  8. What will be: 9 of Bones

I’m not going into an in depth translation here, but in short there’s certain things changing in my life in big ways and I need to get the fuck out of the way and let it happen rather than resisting.

Of course it was somewhat ambiguous about whether it’s magic or personal it’s talking about so I asked and was met with “Yes”. Fun times. Fun times.



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