I is for Isolation

Isolation can be a serious drawback in some ways.

On a physical level being isolated from community can restrict learning opportunities, the ability to network, and keep you away from all the best parties events. It can also lead to depression and other health issues. With witchcraft it can effect you if you want to work group magic or be part of a formal tradition etc.

In the case of magic, when we move away from the physical, it can also be so incredibly frustrating to get that one tiny bit of information that must belong to something bigger but it’s come to you isolated and without context.

And yet… Isolation has it’s place.

When we’re isolated and disconnected from others (yes, I DO mean disconnected from the internet too) we’re alone with our heads. On the one hand that’s sort of traumatic to start off with, if you have my brain, but when you settle and that constant mental chatter shuts the fuck up you’re much more likely to find that centre in you. When you’re quiet and isolated you can become that bit more open to the soft voices. The entities that whisper can get through to a silent mind that much easier.

And those frustrating bits of information? The opposite is equally frustrating. Getting too much, having to try and make sense of a big jumble of informations. Tease it out, my darlings. Tease it out. Isolate what’s important, isolate the individual elements and play with them. Isolation in this case allows you to clarify and master.

Too much isolation is bad. Not enough isolation is equally bad.

Find the sweet spot in the middle. Remember to make time to be alone with your thoughts and to let them quiet. Mileage always varies, what works for you won’t work for that person over there, but make the time.

And those isolated bits of information? Try thinking of them in context of your larger practice. Generally they’ll start making sense about then.

(Can you tell I had no idea what to write here and threw down the first thing that came to mind?)


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