I could kiss Sarah Anne Lawless!

No, seriously. I’m spending most of today, and this weekend as far as I’m concerned, catching up on some reading. My RSS feed reader has some 300 unread items (not including the feeds from Warren Ellis and Rebelle Society which push it well into the thousands) to catch up on, and one of the first ones I read this morning was the above linked post on keeping up your practice with young children.

Let you in on a secret?

Since moving in with my mate and step-kids (both teens) my practice has gone to shit. I barely maintain my altars, let alone do anything else, and since moving into our new house it’s been worse…

And then I got pregnant.

The disconnect between myself and the spirit work I do isn’t terrible. While the formal side of things has lapsed, the informal continues quite strongly. However I do miss it. My rituals have always been very simple – depression, anxiety and the sleeping issues that come with those have assured that – however they were, for a long time, a consistent touchstone to my spirits, my Gods (yes I have them, shut up) and, perhaps most importantly, my own inner spirit. So yes, I miss them…

The idea of a very tiny dependant life coming into my world has really shaken up my thought processes in recent months. The realisation that I waste a LOT of time has come very much to the fore (they say whilst deliberately spending a day reading and blogging and doing nothing physically constructive) and that having this smaller life form is going to require a lot of oganisation is making me panic (perhaps a lot more than I should).

So the article linked, which is from the perspective of current mother’s Sarah Anne Lawless and Cin of Stone Spiral Creations was a godsend to my brain. The comments section even more so.

And that is the entire point of this ramble. If you’re a pagan parent it’s worth a read. If you’re the friend of a pagan parent it is also worth a read to get an idea of what your friends go through.


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