The long and the short…

Your host is Bones. I, Bones, am usually a she, but sometimes the brain makes for he instead. I don’t give a damn about gender pronouns that are used and will answer to everything up and including ‘Hey you with the hair’. Sometimes I even have hair!

I’m a witch. Not a Pagan, just a witch. I got my start in Chaos magic and then moved to some sort of odd mash of UPG, Chaos magic and more traditional style witchcraft. At this point in time I am delving deeper into the Traditional Witchcraft side of things to see where that takes me.

My practice is heavily ancestor based with a preference for ecstatic ritual over the more ceremonial style and simple spellwork done as required.

I’m an artist.

I’m located in Melbourne, Australia and am bluntly spoken so not so well loved, but I tell it how I see it and I really do see it all…


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