The Viel, Vessel & Web hosted by Fio Santika

I got my ass to an amazing weekend workshop by the lovely Fio Santika last week. Advertised as below:

The Viel, Vessel & Web: Two Days of Possession, Oracular Trance & Spellcraft

This two-day intensive explores the Witch as the Seer, the Vessel and the Caster of Spells. Together we will delve deeply beyond the Veil to acquire the Gift of Sacred Sight and ignite the Seer within. We will cleanse, clear and align Self with All-Self and become the Holy Vessel to the Hidden, Mysterious and Mighty Potencies – to draw down/in the Gods and Spirits and to allow for direct interface and intimacy with the human community. We will also reclaim the sorcery inherent in our Craft and learn tried and true techniques for successful and ecstatic spellcraft – to wilfully and willingly weave with the strands of the Web and work with the Will of God Herself to attain to Desire, fulfil Necessity and affect Change.

In order to attend this intensive you must have a foundational magical practice that is alive to you and a conscious and tended relationship with your Spirits.

Look, I’ve not got a lot to share other than this is brilliant and if you get a chance to attend one of these weekends you should. Fio teaches all over the globe.

We don’t do a lot of possessory work in modern witchcraft. It’s certainly highly frowned on by many, especially in the Pagan community. Packed into the weekend were techniques I’d never otherwise have had the chance to try, possessory experiences I’d never had the chance to experience and some serious eye opening along my own path…

I can’t thank Fio enough for giving me the opportunity to attend. I will be revisiting these techniques for many years to come, no doubt.