Review: Belladonna and Bones – Clary Sage Single Note Flying Ointment

I’ve put off writing this because I’m hopeless at reviews truth be told. I usually just squee and then tell everyone to try it for themselves. So, to start with, I am not being paid for this review in any way shape or form, it’s just a product I really like…


This Clary Sage Single Note Flying Ointment is probably one of the most beneficial things I have spent money on as part of my practice in years. I’m so glad I got the chance to try it in ritual with the lovely creatrix, and bought some. 

Dream-magics are my forte. They’re what I do better than anything else and have been for as long as I can remember, but I have always struggled to get into the right state to work between worlds deliberately. I struggle to get my own head out of the way, especially when lying beside a partner, to travel between or hear those I’m interacting with well. The state of relaxed needed to get started properly would elude me or I would not remember anything when I woke, even though I’d have that ‘I know something happened’ feeling.

The Clary Sage Flying Ointment has been a huge assistance on the occasions I’ve gone looking for that dream-magic state of being with specific goals in mind. My head clears out of the way quickly and I drop into a relaxed fugue state – not here nor there – where I can move between this world and the other smoothly within a short time period. I remember everything when I wake whether it’s 15 minutes of fugue state later or 8 hours of proper sleep later.

Belladonna and Bones is doing some maintenance and travel right now so the store is down but you can find them over here. Better yet, they’re Australian so no worrying about ointments vanishing in the mail because customs.