Article Link: God, Goddess, and Other: Fertility faiths and queer identities


I’m somewhat torn between really liking this article and wanting to slap the author upside the head. The article is coming from a really wonderfully thoughtful and sweet place. It is also incredibly respectful of the religion it writes about – being Wicca. Their points on inclusiveness and working towards making spaces more inclusive are well thought out and worth reading.

The head slap drive comes from yet another member of the LGBTQ community, of yet another minority community, being oblivious to the fact that the ‘majority’ have needs too, and that they have the right to create spaces that fulfil their needs as much as we do (I’m in under the Q if you’re desperate to know). That means that, yes, they DO have the right to cis-female or male only spaces.

Everyone has the need for safe and focussed spaces. Being cis-gendered doesn’t magically remove that need. This goes both ways. We need safe and focussed spaces, and so do they. We need safe exclusive spaces, and so do they. They have as much right to those spaces as we do.