Inhale, exhale… sink to the bottom softly, ever so softly. As light as a feather in the air. Hold your breath as long as you can in the cool waters of the pool.

Inhale, exhale… laugh as warm fat drops of a summer shower splatter against skin, rapidly soaking through clothes as you surrender to it and open your mouth to catch the fresh moisture.

Inhale, exhale… remain calm as the waters of a tropical cyclone wash a car down the street. It’s just another Northern summer.

Inhale, exhale… stretch hands to the sky as the icy rains of a mid-winter storm lash your skin. Stretch higher, into it, begging it to wash you free of the pain, of the past, of hands that had no right to be on you.

Inhale, exhale… marvel in the power of the crashing waves. Remember them pulling you under and tossing you around as if you were nothing. Seek safety in their power and surrender to their rhythm.

Inhale, exhale… wonder at the colours of river stones beneath the rapidly moving water. Marvel at the way the waters have cut away the stoney walls of the cliff.

In hale, exhale…

Here are the considerations to be made.

How the water holds us, surrounds us, drowns us.

How the water flows, mutable, changeable.

How the water wears, all gives way to it’s power… in time.

How the water sits, still, heavy, silent.

The rise and fall of breath within the tides.