Here we go again…

I have had, for a little over a year now, the beautiful ‘The Wild Unknown‘ tarot. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this deck, it’s stunningly beautiful and reads well.¬†I do run into issues with the imagery though. All the decks I’ve read with in past are very pictorial, based in the Rider-Waite style. This one isn’t. So where I’d normally create stories based round the imagery here I can not and I find myself hunting for the little bit of paper and my tarot books a lot.

Image yanked from Aeclectic Tarot’s forums. Click through for the website.

That just won’t do long term.

So I’m devoting some times into really learning the deck. And with this comes some solid study into the tarot at large which will no doubt improve my ability to read over all.

I’m using the book Around the Tarot in 78 Days for this, as much because I’ve never used it before and would like to work with it to review it as for any other reason.

And I’m starting today, ¬†because I’m off work sick and I might as well.

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Be Open

I spent a bit of time tonight chatting to a dear friend who had sort of slipped through the cracks because… well because they are a quiet, self contained person who doesn’t jump online often and I am a quiet antisocial person who needs to be forced to talk. We spent a couple of hours talking life, magic, and creating things. And it was marvellous, quite frankly.

I was inspired just now to pull a card for them from my most loved Wild Unknown Tarot deck.

Daughter of Cups

(Do excuse my dodgy phone photograph)

The daughter of cups is attached to emotions…

My first thought was trust the heart, let yourself bleed out so you can heal. Be soft, be malleable, be open.