2017 – The year ahead

Well this is going to be a fun one isn’t it.

At the centre of it all we’re all a little overwhelmed, standing rooted to the ground as the beast bears down on us and unable to make a move in defence, and what we need to do is move. Strategically that is. This year we must tell the difference between confidence and unthinking brashness. The latter will serve to do nothing but see us torn asunder.

January sees us still in defensive mode. More than ever we need to step back and check in with reality. Are we defending ourselves against butterflies in our fear state? Have we lost sight of the real issues to be faced? 

February is time for reflection, there is much to be done but it must be planned. Put aside weapons that no longer serve, and meditate on that which will. Gather your strength through rest and calm this month.

March sees results, but with them responsibilities to shoulder. That which you have been working for has begun to manifest, but at what cost? Do you have the strength to bear the burden or do you need, now, to hand the reigns over to others?

April is a threshold and as with all thresholds it asks us to make decisions. Do we stay put in the calm of known waters or do we make the leap into unknown territory? To stay is to stagnate, but to make that leap into the unknown is always a risk. 

May is the time to nurture your vision. Results have begun to roll in, if you’re playing your cards right, but it all will only be sustained if you can put aside your doubt and continue to steadily breath life into it.

June sees the potential for positive energy to feed into our lives. The Queen rides the energies that surround her and dances with them. Look to the positive energies in play in your life and work with them, nurture them and let them lead you to productivity.

July is once again time to stop and reflect lest we lose our way and our battles cease having meaning. Reflect and remember why you’re fighting, review the little details and make sure you aren’t becoming lackadaisical. There’s nothing worse than charging to victory and realising you lost yourself and your magic along the way.

August once again tells us to look up and take stock. It may feel like we’re trapped but the bars aren’t really holding us, we’re just too caught up to see it through our despair. 

September brings on a gentler energy, but one that equally requires your full attention. The garden is blooming but unless you continue to tend and cultivate it your work will be for nothing as it will wither. 

October is the month where the heart really takes front stage, we’ve lived in our heads for quite a while. Find a way to channel your emotions, give them productive outlets, and take control of what’s happening in your life. Emotions aren’t your enemy, they’re a powerful weapon in the arsenal when they are well known and given productive outlets. 

November is time to refocus on balance. Bring yourself in line, check your indulgences and your battles. Share. It’s all a game of give and take between you and the universe, as much as between you and the neighbour.

December… the year ends with the beast tamed, but not dead. Sorrows, grief, despair, these aren’t things we can kill, but we can learn to control and contain them. The queen is a force of strength and clear sighted decisions, follow in her steps as the year comes to a close. Let the beast be tamed, if only for this while.